So Simple.

Probably the most simple way for a professional camera movement: the Panther Universal Dolly (149059) can be used as a Bazooka Base, Dolly on tracks and as a mobile base for tripods or even for the Panther Pixy Crane.

It has a max. payload of 200kg / 440lbs and weighs only 7kg / 15,4lbs.


Smart way to make movies.

Universal Dolly

It all starts with the Universal Dolly (149059) itself. Designed to be a smart solution on your shooting.

Tire Set

The Tire Set (173162) for Universal Dolly is ideal for transforming it into a dolly with pneumatic wheels (included). With spindles on all three sides you are always able to fix the position of your Universal Dolly if for example you mount a Panther Pixy Crane on it:


For easy transport, the Universal Dolly can be folded. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry the dolly no matter about the distance.

The weight of only 7kg / 15,4lbs is an additional feature. Thereby it can be carried quick and easy.

Personalize it

Be versatile.

Universal Dolly can be equipped with Levelling Feet (110391), Skateboard Wheels for tracks (204793) or Pneumatic Wheels (included in Tire Set 173162). You can use your tripod on it and it is compatible with most of the Panther accessories range due to the connection via Euroadapter.

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