Foldable Doorway Dolly

The Husky Dolly can be used for smaller film productions, as well as television productions. One Key Feature is the foldable platform which halves dolly size.

Designed as a doorway dolly, it is fairly light and easy to transport with a weight of only 27 kg / 59,5 lbs. At the same time, it’s a stable platform allowing up to 250 kg / 551 lbs of payload.

For maximum of flexibility the Husky dolly comes with a telescopic steering rod to adjust it exactly to the dolly grip.


Jibs and Cranes

The Husky Dolly is a safe base not only for the cameraman and the camera, but also for lightweight cranes and Jib Arms up to a full length of 11 m / 36,5 ft. with the Panther Pixy Crane.

In this case there is a Crane Axles Kit + Tripod Spreader (155433) available.


If you equip your Husky with a turnstile attachement (100374) you are able to mount accessories like seat extentions, seats, bazookas and more to transform the dolly into the dolly you need.


Make it versatile.

In its' standard version the Husky comes with four pneumatic wheels.
Following wheels are available additionally as an option:

Twin Wheel
Studio Wheel
Track Skateboard Wheel, 1pc.


To transform the Husky into a extremely stable platform there are Spindles (204812) available. The height of the dolly can be leveled by simply turning the cranks. This can be very helpful on uneven surfaces.


Expand it.

The side platform (203519) enlarges the Husky body on up to three sides. You can quickly mount and remove it, always depending on your requirements.


For the best perspectives.

Low Shots

The platform height of the Husky Dolly is only 15cm / 20''. We tried to make it as low as possible to help you capturing the best perspectives.

If needed you can also mount a bowl 100mm directly onto the Husky platform to mount your fluid head.

Low Shot Kit

To get your camera as low as possible you can use the Euroadapter Mount (100447), Bazooka 10cm (BZ10), Combi Offset Bracket (302454), Bowl (150mm, 100mm or 75mm), your fluid head and mount our Low Shot Plate (107104) on it.


Not only a dolly.

The concept of a robust and versatile dolly is even seen in the Husky Dolly’s transport method.

By folding the platform its' dimensions reducing by half. This enables the usage as transport cart for your camera case or other equipment.

Transporting the Husky is amazing! It can be carried by only one person when it is folded. Due to its' small folded size you can transport the dolly also in a regular car.

Integrated Tool

There is an integrated tool which has its' park position on the bottom of the Husky dolly to e. g. mount the track wheels fast and easy.

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