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The M7 evo is the ultimate solution for filmmakers who demand nothing but the best in camera stabilization. With its cutting-edge 4 axis gimbal technology, this device enables you to mount your camera in any orientation, whether it's upright or inverted, and still maintain perfect horizon and stability. You can say goodbye to shaky shots and hello to smooth, professional-grade footage that's sure to captivate your audience.

Technical Data..Technische Daten


Key Features

  • Eliminates need for a leveling head
  • Quickly accepts larger cameras with 4” & 6” yoke extensions
  • Cable-free on all axis  
  • Built in platform to supply camera power
  • Available in total-nodal design
  • Rigs to Mitchell mount with dovetail for quick gimble removal


  • Type: 4 Axis Gyro Stabilized Wireless Gimbal
  • Max. speed per second: 240°
  • Wireless Distance: 2,4 km / 1.5 mi
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery Powered, supplying power to the gimbal and camera to run all day.
  • Weight: 28 kg / 61 lb
  • Max Camera Payload: 35 kg / 77 lb
  • Controls: Wheels, Joystick, Echo Rig / Handheld Mode, Pan Bar
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