Aleksei Gorodenkov: U-Bangi-Slider

Aleksei Gorodenkov, CEO of Gorodenkoff Productions

My name is Aleksei Gorodenkov, I’m CEO and cinematographer at Gorodenkoff Productions. We are one of the world’s leading producers of qualitative stock video content. Everything we do we try to do well ergo our equipment must be as reliable as our people.

At first, we rented the U-Bangi-Slider. We liked it very much and soon after we realized that we are using it so much that it’s reasonable to purchase our own, so we did.

If I had to describe the U-Bangi-Slider I would say it is solid built quality, reliability is evident even from the passing glance. Ergonomics and transportability are crucial for us. Very fast assembly time, 2 minutes and it’s ready to use, considering our other shooting preparations – it’s done with a speed of light. More often we set U-Bangi on a short C-Stand, we use longest 42cm Extension Tube and long offset bracket.

Brochure U-Bangi-Slider

Click here to download the U-Bangi-Slider brochure.

April 2, 2019

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