P1 Column

Let's do it cost-efficient.


Panther produced a cost efficient electrical Dolly for HD cameras – from DSLR to Alexa, RED, Sony, etc. Max. payload is up to 45kg / 100lbs

The P1 Column (204784) only measures (20 x 20cm / 7,8 x 7,8''), is extremely light (29kg / 64 lbs) and accelerates from 0 to 100% in 4 seconds. The column lift is 50cm (20''). The height can be extended by 80mm tubes.


The driving concept was adapted from the Panther Classic Dolly which is based on 30 years of experience.

P1 column is driven by two sturdy 12V Gel batteries, which are clamped by quick lock brackets. It is controlled by a joystick in a compact handset.


The P1 Column fits on all existing platform Dollies (e.g. Twister Dolly) or can be combined with the P1 Dolly.

This is made possible using the flexible components according to your needs of assembly.

P1 Dolly

Made for the P1 column.

Lightweight and stable

The P1 Dolly (204780) has been designed for the P1 Column. It comes with wide Go Kart Wheels and can be equipped with Skateboard Wheels for tracks.

In any case it is sturdy enough to carry weights over 250kg / 551lbs. With extended platforms the P1 Dolly offers the cameraman the comfort he expects.

The dolly can also be equipped conventionally (without P1 column) with turnstile, seat and bazookas (see 3rd picture below).

P1 Dolly
P1 Dolly + P1 Column + Platforms
204780 + 204784 + 204782
P1 Dolly + Base Plate + more
204780 + 204781 + more


The integrated T-slots of the black anodized P1 aluminum profiles not only allow an individual positioning of the handles but also variable adjustment of the mounting bars.

Track Usage

Due to the flexible modular system of our Flex Grip Kit parts you are able to transform your P1 Dolly into a smooth Track Dolly (accessories needed).

A telescopic push rod (204803) allows a smooth and stable operation.

Low Rig

To be more versatile you can use a Low Rig to get your camera as low as possible. Parts of our Vario Rig System (different sizes of Tubes, offset brackets, etc.) let you mount exactly the way you need it.


Rechargable Gel Batteries.

Ready to use

The column is delivered ready to use with two rechargeable gel batteries, charger and handset.

An optional Power Kit (204785) with a replacement handset, two more batteries and charger is packaged in a rugged outdoor case.

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