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....Condition: Payment in advance! First come, first serve! ..Voraussetzung: Vorauskasse! First come, first serve! ....

....The Panther Black Friday Sale prices are only value on the 24th of November 2023 for all incoming orders from the time between 0:00 and 23:59 (12:00 am to 11:59 pm) CEST - German Time Zone. All orders during this period can be sold with the Black Friday Day Deals (as long as our stock lasts). ..Die Panther Black Friday Sale Preise sind nur gültig am 24. November 2023 für alle eingehenden Bestellungen zwischen 0:00 and 23:59 Uhr (deutsche Zeit). Alle Bestellungen die während diesem Zeitraum eingehen, können zum Black Friday Sale Preis erworben werden (nur solange der Vorrat reicht). ....

Vario Jib S

Vario Jib S (300744)

....Standard Price: 5.400€..Standard Preis: 5.400€....

black friday price: 3.500€ ..Black Friday Preis: 3.500€
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Cranked Euro RIser

Cranked Euro Riser S (302698)

....Standard Price: 2.700€..Standard Preis: 2.700€....

black friday price: 1.750€ ..Black Friday Preis: 1.750€
Cranked Euro Riser M (302747)

....Standard Price: 2.840€..Standard Preis: 2.840€....

black friday price: 1.850€ ..Black Friday Preis: 1.850€
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Vacu Rigg

Vacu Rigg Standard Kit (180054)

....Standard Price: 4.860€..Standard Preis: 4.860€....

black friday price: 3.199€ ..Black Friday Preis: 3.199€
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Dolly Tool Kit

Dolly Tool Kit (312931)

....Standard Price: 1.380€..Standard Preis: 1.380€....

black friday price: 899€ ..Black Friday Preis: 899€
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