With the new U-Bangi-Slider system Panther extends the already well-established U-Bangi II with many additional new features. Thus, the U-Bangi-Slider covers the typical slider function on a tripod or dolly.

Everyone has different requirements to a camera slider. That’s why the U-Bangi-Slider can be configured indvidually exactly to your requirements. It consists of many individual hartcoated components which enable high flexibility! Make your own U-Bangi-Slider exactly as you need it!

It is available in 6 different lengths (48cm – 296cm) and 2 different widths (19,5cm and 25cm).


U-Bangi Track 48cm | 1,6′ 300470
U-Bangi Track 64cm | 2,1′ 228107
U-Bangi Track 88cm | 2,9′ 228108
U-Bangi Track 136cm | 4,5′ 228110
U-Bangi Track 200cm | 6,6′ 228111
U-Bangi Track 296cm | 9,7′ 228112


Fits any moment.

The worldwide known sledge 1 from our U-Bangi II can also be used with our new U-Bangi-Slider to make the usual function possible.
The new sledge is available in standard width (25cm) and narrow width (19,5cm). Depending on your needs you can configure everything perfectly for you.

Sledge 1
(for U-Bangi function)

Sledge 2, narrow
(for Slider function)

Sledge 2
(for Slider function)

6 Mounting options



That fast, you’ll never want anything else again.

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To ensure a quick and easy change between the standard width and narrow width, from U-Bangi sledge 1 to sledge 2 or to change the whole track length of your slider we designed something really great. It is so small that it will not attract attention, and so great that you never want to work without it: Quick Change Adapter
With Quick Change you win a huge range of possibilities which are done very fast. For example put a second sledge into your U-Bangi-Slider is done in a few seconds.



2 ways to dampen the sledge.


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The sledge can be optionally equipped either with a magnetic buffer system or a shock absorber. Both can dampen the sledges very smooth. The oil hydraulic shock absorber is adjustable manually, depending on camera load.



This redefines the word “flexibility”.


A lot of possibilities are given through the bridge extention (302339). It is compatible to many accessories. Rigging tubes (48mm), Panther Multi Mount or VacuRigg suction cups, levelling feet, 3/8‘‘-28-16mm Adapter, Euroadapter and much more.



Great. Down to the smallest detail.


Due to the low position of your bowl (13cm) the U-Bangi-Slider is the perfect tool to make great low shots.




Designed with passion. Manufactured with precision.


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With the new 360° Rotary Adapters, long adjusting time is a thing of the past. Adjusting the range is as easy as never before, because the Slider can be easily moved and fixed with the Rotary Adapters.
Due to the precision bearing, a soundless 360° rotation, even when load, is possible with ease. A strong brake lever provides a solid fixation of the whole unit, wherever needed.

Rotary Adapter

Suitable for all U-Bangi tracks. Just for standard track configuration. Must be combined with Bowl Adapter (300441), Mitchell Adapter (136907) or Tube Flange (228122).

Rotary Adapter (narrow)

Suitable for U-Bangi tracks 64cm, 88cm and 136cm. Just for narrow track configuration. Must be combined with Bowl Adapter (300441), Mitchell Adapter (136907) or Tube Flange (228122).

Adapter Plate

Suitable for U-Bangi tracks 64cm, 88cm and 136cm. For narrow and standard track configuration. Must be combined with Bowl Adapter (300441), Mitchell Adapter (136907) or Tube Flange (228122).

Bowl Adapter

Mount the Rotary Adapter, Rotary Adapter narrow and Adapter Plate on a 150mm tripod.

Mitchell Adapter

Mount the Rotary Adapter, Rotary Adapter narrow and Adapter Plate to mitchell mount.

Tube Flange

Mount the Rotary Adapter, Rotary Adapter narrow and Adapter Plate on a Euroadapter (e. g. on a Dolly).



We are sure: you will love it.


The U-Bangi-Slider is the only one, which forms a unit together with the dolly. Whether as a slider or a low rig, it can be perfectly integrated to guarantee the best possible shots.

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For every usage the right accessories.



For shots close to the ground you can use levelling feet (110391). You are able to level the slider exactly to your needs.

For sensitive surfaces you can use our rubber feet (202442). They are mounted very quick into the tracks’ groove (just 48cm, 64cm, 88cm and 136cm track) without any tools

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Loved for its’ versatility.


On set the U-Bangi-Slider is meeting with great enthusiasm. Due to the variety of possibilities, it offers numerous settings. High and low shots can be implemented quick and easy without time consuming adjustments:
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Maximaum flexibility for versatile usage.


A suction cup (145993) and a tube (180072) from our Multi Mount system ensures to rig the U-Bangi-Slider on a car. Different shots and angles are possible.


To remote control the U-Bangi-Slider we developed a drive unit (301030). Operation is done with the new handset (301031) for the drive unit. It’s compatible to all Slider lengths and can be equipped with end switches (manual positioning possible).

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For very smooth and precise movements.

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For very smooth movements there is a Fluid Drag (302333) available. By turning to “+“ or “-“ you can adjust the fluid intensity.


We didn’t change the program. We expanded and improved it.


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Despite the number of new features, the well-known standard U-Bangi function certainly remains.
All existing U-Bangi II can be upgraded!


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