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    The worldwide 2. Panther Dolly back home after 35 years.

    The world’s 2nd Panther Dolly has found its way back home – to Panther. Originally the dolly was sold to the company “Eberle & Eder Filmgeräteverleih” 35 years ago. In 1997, the company “4rent” took over the film equipment rental business of Eberle & Eder and thus also the Panther Dolly number 2.
    The dollys’ last movie in 1998 at the production of the movie “Prize of Innocence” (original German: “Preis der Unschuld” – Camera: Helmut Pirnat, Producer: Ulrich Aselmann) which had its TV premiere in 1999. Thereafter, the Dolly had continuously other usages in advertising shoots.

    The team of 4rent (consisting of Reiner Kienemann, Peter Rasch, Nick Pirchtner and Josef “Striezl” Wollinger) was proud to own the world’s second Panther Dolly. “The users were always thrilled to use the Origin-Panther,” Josef “Striezl” Wollinger told us, as he hands over the dolly. The glance in his eyes while he is speaking is not to be overlooked.
    Additionally “Striezl” praises the extremely good quality: “In the 21 years in which the Dolly was in our possession, there was only one single repair. It has always worked flawlessly! ”
    Now 4rent has exchanged the Dolly for a newer model and we have exhibited the #2 in our new headquarters in Aying-Munich. It stands for what we do and what is always the purpose of our work: to develop good and durable products that people love to work with!


    Where is #1 ?


    The world’s first ever made Panther Dolly is, supposedly, somewhere in Greece. If we should find it one day, there is already a place prepared next to his successor.