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  • We are celebrating 35 years of Panther

    We are celebrating 35 years of Panther.


    What began in a small garage in Munich, quickly became a worldwide known company. Erich Fitz (founder of Panther) realizes in the sixties his childhood dream, which he pursued since the age of eight: to make moving pictures with passion. After some time in the camera assembly at ARRI, to get to know the cameras, he works as a camera assistant and later as a cameraman.


    Based upon market requirements globally the first computer-controlled, electro-mechanical camera dolly has been designed. The first prototype was finished in 1982.
    An employee compares the smooth, silent, but at the same time powerful movements of the dolly with a Panther – so the new dolly was named PANTHER in 1983.
    The 2nd prototype was already used at the set and the complete movie “Never-ending story” (see photo left and bwlow) has been shot with and on this dolly in the Bavaria Studios in Munich.
    Quickly the advantages of the Panther in comparison to competing dollies became a topic in the film industry worldwide.
    The PANTHER dolly was born.


    After this successful usage, Panther became more and more an important name in the film industry. Panther established in further locations arount the globe – 1987 in Hollywood.

    1990 Panther takes over the leadership in the European market with regard to turnover, quantities and technology. In the same year, as well, the “Super Panther dolly” was awarded with the technical Oscar (A.M.P.A.S.) in Hollywood. New, innovative products such as the Pegasus crane were successfully introduced to the market.

    What then followed was a huge range of innovative and successful products that were becoming popular around the world. Everyone on the set wants to work with a “Panther”.
    Today we continue to work very hard on innovations that are supposed to make you setlife easier. In constant contact with Grips from all over the world, we develop products that make your work much more enjoyable.


    How will Panther go on after 35 years?



    New ideas, new innovations, new headquarter!
    We are growing! That’s why our premises became too small and we needed more space for new ideas and innovations. We continue to follow our goal to be market leader in camera support equipment.
    To make this possible, we moved into our new building which has been built according to our requirements in order to remain your professional partner on set!
    2018 will be an exciting year for us – but mainly for our customers. We have some news – waiting impatient to be introduced piece by piece during this year. It will be really interesting to see, what this year will be rolled out to the film world!
    The entire Panther Crew would like to thank all our customers and friends, who have been loyal to us for at least 35 years. We look forward to the next 35 years with you. And wee look forward to bring the next PANTHER to your set!

    Andy Fitz, CEO