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Every day, people all over the world make fantastic shots with Panther equipment. Each of these images are telling a special story.
But not only the shot itself – also all, who work on set, have a unique history.

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Panther in Estland.


My name is Aleksei Gorodenkov, I’m CEO and cinematographer at Gorodenkoff Productions. We are one of the world’s leading producers of qualitative stock video content. Everything we do we try to do well ergo our equipment must be as reliable as our people.
At first, we rented the U-Bangi-Slider. We liked it very much and soon after we realized that we are using it so much that it’s reasonable to purchase our own, so we did.
If I had to describe the U-Bangi-Slider I would say it is solid built quality, reliability is evident even from the passing glance. Ergonomics and
transportability are crucial for us. Very fast assembly time, 2 minutes and it’s ready to use, considering our other shooting preparations – it’s done with a speed of light. More often we set U-Bangi on a short C-Stand, we use longest 42cm Extension Tube and long offset bracket.

I love to shoot from the lowest point. The U-Bangi-Slider allows me to drop the camera very low indeed, and it’s very comfortable to work with even from that position. Also in our profession speed is crucial, and the U-Bangi-Slider allows to transition from high angles to extremely low in just moments. The very important detail is that we don’t have to think about the weight of the camera and extra equipment whatever that may be – U-Bangi-Slider will handle it all fine and smooth.

For me extension tube is just fine piece of engineering, to change camera height so fast and so easily is a blessing. Magnetic Stop function is very useful because I can avoid shot ruining camera hits at the end of the movement.
I would recommend the Panther U-Bangi-Slider absolutely!

Aleksei Gorodenkov




Panther in USA.



People all over the world love the work with Panther equipment because of its’ high quality and great advantages on set. Watch this video from our friends in the US (Camadeus with their customer Ernesto Lomeli. He is talking about Panther products and why he and others really like to work with it.




One Slider which inspires everybody. The U-Bangi-Slider.



The U-Bangi system belongs to my standard equipment, since the beginning of my filmmaking career, about thirty years. Always the first choice, when the camera should be moved over the something and there is no space for the dolly, or even other tricky camera moves should be accomplished.
With my work for BMW, I started spending some time with the U-Bangi-Slider system from Panther, focusing more in its function as a slider. The vast majority of slider systems on the market for a full-fledged camera like the ARRI Alexa with a decent fluid head had been constructed too weak.
Then I started picking bits and pieces out of the extensive slider accessory range and eventually set up my own favorite configuration (see picture above).
Within this configuration, the U-Bangi-Slider can be converted from slider use to U-Bangi use, without any tools! The new Quick Change Adapter are incredibly useful, to interchange rail lengths in no time and above all without tools. I am using my slider for more than 1 year in this configuration and I am so enthusiastic about its flexibility and its robustness. Within many of my Commercial and Corporate work I prefer my Panther U-Bangi-Slider. Quiet and smooth movements in a sufficient length with highly convincing results.

Tom Fährmann

Tom Fährmann is DoP of numerous of commercials and feature films (Das Wunder von Bern, Ulzhan, Die Päpstin, and many more) and Head of camera department at the University of Television and Film in Munich as managing professor.