Powered Movements.

The Panther Tower provides new ideas and unprecedented shooting for a cost-effective price. With electrically powered movements and remote control, the tower is perfect for dynamic driving shots with a remote head, such as the Maximus 7 (available from Panther). It can be mounted and applied to any vehicle both vertically and horizontally.

The lightweight and slim design ensures a good view for the driver. Following lengths of the Tower are available:

  • Tower 1,4m / 4,5 ft. (310820)

  • Tower 2,0m / 6,6 ft. (310250)

  • Tower 3,0m / 10 ft. (310821)


The tower is operated either by the standard hand controller or a waterproof wireless handset.



Works great, also with heavy set ups.

The Tower was designed to be able to move a lot of load. As a result, it reaches a maximum payload of up to 80kg / 176 lbs.

So don’t worry about set ups with Shock Absorbers + stabilized Remote Head + Camera + Lens + accessories.




Don’t worry about electricity.


The Tower is powered by an especially developed Power Case (2x 24V – 310289)

Store the case inside your car

Set Limits and Program

Remote Control (wired or wireless)



Be flexible for every situation.

The Tower can be combined with a huge range of accessories:

Tube Flange


Mitchell Adapter

Mitchell Mount

ISO Dampener

Mini Shock Absorber

Maxi Shock Absorber