With the remote head TR III we have developed an ergonomical piece of equipment to make your work behind the camera more comfortable.



  1. Integrated digital electronics
  2. Battery or mains supply
  3. Integrated tally light
  4. DC motors
  5. Integrated lens control with automatic calibration
  6. Sliprings for unlimited rotation of camera
  7. Digital data transfer in only ONE cable, max. distance 2.000m (6.650 ft)
  8. Easy handling due to user-friendly keypad & LCD-display
  9. Movements of remote head and lens motors can be stored and recalled any time
  10. PC interface
  11. Easy transport: only 3 cases for complete system

The remote head is able to carry cameras up to 40 kg. Its parts are NC-machined out of DUR-Aluminium to provide high strength.
Both axes, PAN and TILT, are fitted with a 130mm special 4-point-ball bearing, which is free of backlash and maintenance, and stands for a maximum of stability. The backlash-free motor-gear-unit drives the axes noise-free with a special tooth-belt. A high-resolution incremental encoder captures the movements of the axes digitally.
Due to the hollow shaft, the application of MIL-sliprings is possible so there is no rotational limitation. All electrical connections come out on hexagonal flanges of the PAN- and TILT-axes.
The head mount is optional, either 150mm bowl or Mitchell-Adapter. Two bubbles assist in adjusting the head for upright and hanging operation.
The motor electronics is located inside the housing. A 32-bit microprocessor provides the necessary control accuracy and the necessary software-transfer for the Servo-electronics and for multiplex-application of several heads.
The remote head can be controlled by three different operating consoles:

  1. pan bar control head
  2. joy-stick
  3. Pan / Tilt crank wheels




HOUSING DUR-Aluminium, black, partly covered with elastomere, carrying handle; Camera carrying support, adjustable
PAN-AXIS Resolution 200.000 steps / turn
TILT-AXIS Resolution 200.000 steps / turn
ELECTRONICS 32-bit microprocessor technology
INTERFACES RS 232, serial, bi-directional
RS 485, serial, differential, bi-directional
HDLC, serial, differential, bi-directional
High-performance interface
POWER SUPPLY 12 V / 0,5 A Standby
13 A at full motor power
DIMENSIONS length 42cm (16.54”)
depth 15cm (5.9”)
width 67cm (26.37”)
(Remote Head)
19,8 kg (43,56 lbs)