Precision Steel Track


The Precision Steel Track is manufactured of a stainless steel tube in combination with an aluminium beam. This construction is not only lightweight but also very rigid and insusceptible to shocks:

  • easy set up and track laying, as just little sub-base is needed
  • the tube diameter of 38 mm/1.5 inch allows excellent tracking stability
  • for dollies or cranes up to 2.500 kg/ 5.500 lbs applicable



To get your dolly easier on the tracks there are Universal starter tracks (Code-Nr.: 139238) available. So you can easy move the dolly from the floor on the track (without lift the dolly).

The sleepers of the Precision Steel Track can be mounted rigid or foldable. The connection of the tracks is done by a hook system and / or by conventional turnbuckles.
Following sleepers are available:

Fixed sleeper – 62cm / 2′
Code-Nr.: 138528

Fixed sleeper – 100cm / 3’33”
Code-Nr.: 138969

Telescopic sleeper
Code-Nr.: 143833


By the way:

Precision Steel Tracks are compatible to all Panther tracks and other most common tracks.


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