Pixy Plus



So capable, that you want to take it anywhere.
So light and compact, that you can do.


Even when extended to its full length of 36.5 ft | 11 m the Pixy Plus Crane weighs only 69 lbs | 31 kg. The maximum payload of this aluminium crane is 55 lb | 25 kg. The Pixy Plus Crane can easily be carried, set up and operated by one person. Designed for safety from aircraft aluminium, Pixy Plus Crane features a lateral anchoring system for maximum stability and smooth shots. The Pixy Plus Crane is certified for television stations.



Easy set up. 9 meters in just 9 minutes – by only 1 person.

The “uniformity principle“: all outrigger extentions and balance rods have the same length.
Tool free assembly is given by locking pins. Colored carabiners make the concept even more easy.



We didn’t want to make it better. We wanted to make it perfect.


A central pivot section with additional stability, more accuracy and easier operation of crane arm due to precision bearings with pre-adjustable drag.

Accessories can be mounted directly via a 3/8‘‘ thread.



Designed, according to our philosophy.


The Pixy Plus has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility. Often you need more than just moving the cranes‘ arm to make the shot you want to do.
So the Pixy Plus can be combined with a lot of our dolly systems to offer also a movement of the whole crane (e.g. crane on dolly on tracks).


Depending on your needs you can choose between different dollies like for example the Universal Dolly or the Husky Dolly.

More information about this dollies please see in category “dollies”.




Made for everybody.

Depending on your needs, the Pixy Plus can be set up in 7 different versions.



More than just a crane.

Weighing only 20 lbs | 9 kg, the Pixy Jib Arm has a carrying capacity of 55 lbs | 25 kg and reaches a max. height of 8.2 ft | 2.5 m.
The Pixy Jib Arm may be controlled from the back by an operator, or by the cameraman with the camera.


Made, to make your job easy.

The Pixy Plus can be operated manually by cable or the remote head with a joystick or pan bar.

manual operation by cable

operation by only one person with back crane control



Imagine 2 crane counter weights. That’s more, than the longest Pixy version weighs.


Easy transport is facilitated by a single case with wheels or alternatively carrying bags.
So it is also very easy to transport the Pixy Plus in a car.




We have a solution for everything.


ergonomic weights: clamping rings avoud rattling noises

improved central pivot section

color coded components to make the set up very easy

easy fine adjustment due to a high quality sliding weight

saftey stand due to rigid spreader

360° rotatable camera mount plate

unique double mounting system to use as Jib Arm or crane

mounting accessories is easily done due to 3/8‘‘ threads


Worldwide used, worldwide loved. Pixy Plus crane.