Mitchell-OConnor 4-Way-Leveller



Makes the worklow with OConnor heads so easy and useful.


The Mitchell-OConnor 4-Way Leveller (310148) is an ideal supplement for Mitchell tripods in combination with OConnor heads for a quick and easy leveling.

Specially hardened aluminum (patented hard-coat surface) and ergonomic knurled knobs make this product sturdy and easy to handle.



Save time on set with this patented mechanism.


The special feature is our patented combination of Quick Lock mechanism and 4-way leveling. Claws are jamming the Mitchell plate by rotating the knob.
The threaded nut is no longer needed.



Fast levelling of your camera.

With the 4 leveling knobs you can level your camera very fast and easy. By simply turning the knob the tilt can be adjusted and fixed.