Lightweight Jib



The Panther Lightweight Jib is a very universal jib arm that can be mounted on all Panther Dollies.
In connection with the Super Panther, Panther Evolution or Classic and Classic Plus it is possible to stand on a running board platform and move with the column.
In this case the camera operator has to compensate the lift differences which the Lightweight Jib causes (more than the column) by bending his knees.
For this, you will need as accessories the Lightweight Jib A-Round Kit (alternatively: cable) and, if required, the a Holding Bracket with seat-extension and running board platform.



Instead of an Euromount we designed a new Tube Adapter which gives you even more flexibility. So you can use all Panther accessories of the Vario Rig System and your creativity knows no limits.
You can use double Euroadapters, tube, offset bracket, double bracket or other accessories – with the new Tube Adapter all your requirements are covered on set!
Existing Lightweight Jibs can be upgraded.