The concept and the design of the new Galaxy crane incorporated ideas and suggestions from rental houses, crane operators and Panther´s long experience in building cranes. Safety, stability and well as easy, comfortable handling were the prime objectives for the development of this crane system. The Galaxy sets new standards and opens a new dimension not only with regards to crane arm length.



Various lengths can be built up quickly and easily with the end section.



You can choose between the Compact base or the Mammoth base with its impressive dimensions of 1,8m x 1,8m (6ft. x 6ft.).
All outriggers are of the same length (2m/6.5ft.). This modular principle covers outriggers, bracing kit and balance rods, turning the build up into an easy exercise. All outriggers and rods connect quickly without any tools, held safely into place by a locking pin. The new Multi-Link connector facilitates build-up and take-down, as it avoids jamming.



The push rod can also be used as cable holder.
The only tools you need are your hands.



The weight basket offers 2 connector plates and can be attached either at the top or at the bottom, according to the individual requirements. The Galaxy outriggers can also be “made to measure”, in different lengths according to customer specifications.



Auf hohe Stabilität und Steifigkeit des Kranarms wurde höchsten Wert gelegt. Der Ausleger-Querschnitt beträgt deshalb beachtliche 25 cm² um gegen Torsionskräfte Standzuhalten. Die Lage der Abspannung bietet durch das V-Trapez eine optimale 4-Seiten Stabilität die Schwingungen im Ausleger insbesondere bei Remotebetrieb dämpfen. So sind z.B. alle Remoteversionen bis zu einer Windgeschwindigkeit von 45 Km/h (6 Beaufort) zugelassen.

Utmost stability and stiffness were the primary objectives of the crane-arm. The outrigger has a remarkable cross-section of 25cm² (10“x10“) to be strong enough against torsion. The position of the bracing kit and especially the V-trapezoid, offers optimal 4-sided stability, ideal to dampen the vibrations of the arm, particularly in the remote operations. Consequently, all remote versions are operational up to a wind speed of 45 km/h /6 Beaufort.
The use of special , non-corroding bearings in the central section facilitates the precise handling. The weight reduction of up to 35% as well as the ergonomic shape of the aluminium profile makes the handling easy. The central section weighs only 49 kgs.
The Galaxy crane was “made to last”. The aluminium surface is hard-coated resp. powder coated. Only non-corroding high quality steel is being used. Like all Panther products, the Galaxy is black, to avoid possible reflections on location.