Flex Grip Kit



The FlexGripKit a unique modular system which consists primarily of 2 components: BasePlate and Legs.


The BasePlate features a bubble level as well as versatile holes and threads for various purposes.



All legs are identical and can be extended to your requirement. They have a flexible ratchet to cover different angles, made for difficult setups. Each leg can except a seat or any kind of accessories (e. g. lamp).
No Limit – Just Creativity!



It is a universal tool for multi-purpose use and can be extended according to your needs.
Get big already with the standard kit!

The FlexGripKit covers following product categories:

  • Table Dolly (linear, curve + freestyle)
  • LowBoy / HiHat
  • Bazookabase (3-12 legs)
  • Camera Base
  • Rigging System (tubes 33-50mm)
  • Slider (on ground or tripod)
  • Tracking Dolly (36 + 62cm gauge)
  • Doorway Dolly (with Tire Set and steering)



The Table Dolly is one variant of the lovely FlexGripKit which allows great camera moving on smooth surfaces, for example a table.
The Base Plate can be individually combined with a bowl (75 – 150 mm), mitchell- or wedge-tilt-plate or directly a fluid head with an integrated M10 thread in the middle (see picture – without bowl).
More information about the Table Dolly you can find here.



The LowBoy / HiHat can be equipped with 75 – 150mm bowl or with a Mitchell Plate.
Levelling feet can be placed directly to the BasePlate or for bigger footprint, to extention legs. The internal bubble level always keeps you safe!



It can be set up with 3 or more (up to 12) legs. The flexible design with the ratchet makes tuff situations easy.

High payload capacity of up to 250kg (550lbs) is achieved due to strong, high grade aluminium.
The FlexGripKit becomes a Studio Dolly if used with studio wheels.



In combination with a rotating seat, the FlexGripKit becomes a Camera Base for e. g. sport events.



Using the same ratchet connection of the legs, the clamp is ready to be used for scaffold mounting or rigging. This clamp is designed to hold all tubes with diameters from 33mm to 50mm and can be rotated in two axis.



Normally, sliders are limited by the length of their rail. Not with the FlexGripKit!
You decide the lenght due to a railsystem which can be extended to your needs. It can also be combined with curved rails.



A high grade aluminium tube wheighs only 1,9kg (4lbs) and has a length of 1,5m. Special length upon request.




he FlexGripKit slider can be operated on 36cm or 62cm gauge.
Just extend your FlexGripKit Base Plate with 4 additional legs.



Smooth and silent sliding is guaranteed by using high quality bearings, and an offset positioning of the rubber counted wheels.



Levelling is easy by means of levelling feet if layed down the floor or by simply adjusting the height of the stand if mounted on a higher level.



Extending the Slider is so easy because of the well-designed FlexGripKit modular system. As well you can use diverse accessories for example our telescopic push rod.


VMI about the Flex Grip Kit Slider




You can convert the FlexGripKit to a Tracking Dolly by adding 4 identical platforms. High payload capacity of up to 250kg (550lbs) enables to ride the cameraman and assistant. The standard track gauge of 62cm allows this Tracking Dolly to ride on all common tracks which are standard around the world.
As an option economical and compat rubber tracks are available.



A further modification would be an upgrade with a tire set. Wheighing less than 19kg (42lbs) this Doorway Dolly gives you the freedom you need!
Supreme operation is achieved by using the electrical driven P1 column. Get more information of P1 Dolly System in its corresponding Flyer or here.



Measurements of the small transport case is 66 x 49 x 21 cm (26 x 19 x 8“) and weighs only 7,5kg(17lbs.)



The FlexGripKit Standard version consists of:

  • 1x Base Plate
  • 1x Screw
  • 1x Euro Mount
  • 2x Clamp
  • 3x Levelling foot
  • 4x Distance bolt
  • 8x Legs