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  • Panther Prize 2013 Winner: “The Funeral Of Harald Kramer”

    Poster_HK_smallIt was time again: For the sixteenth times Panther awarded the Panther prize during the International Festival of Film Schools. Among various short films we presented the award for Best Production of a German film. This year the winner Marc Schlegel comes from Austria. He will receive a Panther dolly equipment for four weeks worth of 10.000 Euro for the next production. We are proud to to give the Panther Prize 2013 to Marc Schlegel and his whole crew!

    The winner film:

    The Funeral Of Harald Kramer (DAS BEGRÄBNIS DES HARALD KRAMER)
    directed by Marc Schlegel
    produced by Philipp Grandits
    University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria

    The Panther Prize jury (Barbara Angstl, Andy Fitz, Christopher Schuller):
    “Marc Schlegel’s film tells the story of a man who is forced to endure his own funeral. Harald Kramer was mistakenly declared dead. This black comedy focuses on a loving father and husband who has to go through the most horrifying experience one can imagine and on top of that discovers very bizarre family secrets. The entire film, but especially its interesting narrative technique and its humor, captivated the jury. They were struck particularly by the directing and the lighting. Both Anselm Hartmann’s excellent camera work and Marc Schlegel’s masterful direction are very impressive indeed.”