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  • To be continued… Panther Dolly #1.500

        PANTHER DOLLY #1.500 Proven over decades.     We are happy to announce that the Panther Dolly number 1.500 has left our production halls. A proven system for 35 years that is constantly being developed and improved. We would like to thank all our friends and customers who accompanied us all the years […]

    Welcome Home – Panther Dolly #2

        WELCOME HOME The worldwide 2. Panther Dolly back home after 35 years.     The world’s 2nd Panther Dolly has found its way back home – to Panther. Originally the dolly was sold to the company “Eberle & Eder Filmgeräteverleih” 35 years ago. In 1997, the company “4rent” took over the film equipment […]

    Thank You Wolfgang Gelep!

      THANK YOU WOLFGANG GELEP We have to say Goodbye to our longtime emplyoee and friend.     Dear Panther friends, customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are very thankfull for our great business relationships.   Unfortunately, we have to say Goodbye to our very esteemed colleague Wolfgang Gelep. He goes into his […]

    We are celebrating 35 years of Panther

    We are celebrating 35 years of Panther.     What began in a small garage in Munich, quickly became a worldwide known company. Erich Fitz (founder of Panther) realizes in the sixties his childhood dream, which he pursued since the age of eight: to make moving pictures with passion. After some time in the camera […]

    Christmas 2017

        MERRY CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole Panther crew.   Dear Panther friends, our offices, warehouse and service are closed from 23.12.2017 to 07.01.2018 because of christmas holidays. We will be back and open on 08.01.2018.   Panther wishes you and your family, friends and partners Merry Christmas […]

    Panther Preis 2017

    CONGRATULATIONS We congratulate the winner of the Panther Prize 2017.     Every year Panther awards the Panther Prize (worth 5.000€) as part of the international Filmschoolfest. This year was the 18th time of the Panther Prize. We want to promote the young generation and we are very happy to share our passion for filmmaking […]

    Precision Vario Track from now usable with Telescopic Tubes

    LEVELING UNLIMITED Use the Leveling Tubes now on your Precision Vario Track. Upgrade for the Precision Vario Track: from now on you can use the Panther Precision Vario Track with the telescopic tubes which gives you a lot of advantages.   Just take the new sleeper for telescopic tubes (302394), mount it on your track […]

    New: Mitchell-OConnor 4-Way-Leveller

        MITCHELL-OCONNOR 4-WAY-LEVELLER Makes the worklow with OConnor heads so easy and useful.     The Mitchell-OConnor 4-Way Leveller (310148) is an ideal supplement for Mitchell tripods in combination with OConnor heads for a quick and easy leveling. Specially hardened aluminum (patented hard-coat surface) and ergonomic knurled knobs make this product sturdy and easy […]

    New Stabilization-Rigs

    PANTHER STABILIZATION-RIGS New ways of smoothness     Discover new ways of smoothness with the new Panther Stabilization-Rigs. Perfect solutions for stabilize your shootings on cars, boats, helicopters etc. Perfectly for usage at cranes (ISO Dampener / Mini Shock Absorber) and dollies (Vibration Isolator):    

    New: U-Bangi-Slider XY

        THIS IS ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IDEAS     The worldwide used U-Bangi-Slider system has been extended. From now you can combine 2 sliders to make movements into the X-axis and the Y-axis. This makes it even more flexible. Your slider is no more limited into one direction. From now on, all directions […]

    New: Mitchell Mitchell 4-Way Leveller

        MITCHELL-MITCHELL 4-WAY LEVELLER Mitchell to Mitchell with integrated leveling function.   The Mitchell-Mitchell 4-Way Leveller adapts from Mitchell to Mitchell with an integrated leveling function in 4 directions. The fixation knob locks the swiveling plate to avoid unintentionally swiveling.     discover now          

    We’re moving

    WE’RE MOVING New ideas, new innovations, new headquarter!       NEW BUILDING We are sure, you will love it.   From 1st of May we have new contact details:   Am Bahnhof 19 85653 Aying – Munich Phone: +49 8095 – 71230 – 00   We will move in calendar week 17 from 24.04.2017 […]

    Panther Prize 2016

    CONGRATULATIONS We congratulate the winner of the Panther Prize 2016.     Every year Panther awards the Panther Prize (worth 5.000€) as part of the international Filmschoolfest. We want to promote the young generation and we are very happy to share our passion for filmmaking with the youth and inspire them to create something unique. […]

    Cinec 2016

    GREAT Thank you for this great experience at Cinec 2016.     Every 2 years, shortly after IBC in Amsterdam, the Cinec opens in Munich. Like on every Cinec we were there fully represented and inspire Key Grips and Rentals from around the world with the latest innovations of Panther. Great attention enjoyed this year […]

    NEW: Cranked Bazooka

        CRANKED BAZOOKA The Panther Bazooka family gets bigger. And better.     We extented our Bazooka program again with the height adjustable Cranked Bazookas. The big advantage is an easy height adjusting with mounted equipment by turning the crank.     discover now      

    NEW: Rocker Plate

        LOW Great shots. Very close to the ground.     The Rocker Plate is an easy and very flexible Low Shot System. You can do great camera movements (pan and tilt) close to the ground and lock your camera position. A clean design, great handling and a hardened finished surface (Hart-Coat ©) make […]

    NEW: Precision Mono Track

    QUICK Fast, faster, Mono Track     Panther presents the new Precision Mono Tracks.The Precision Mono Track has a great new design. A “triangle profile”, the maximum length of 5,5m / 18′ and the fast adjustment (because there are no sleepers needed) make this tracks to something special. If required, of course you can use […]

    New: Camera Base

    MASTERFULLY Leave the hard part to the athletes.     The Panther Camera Base (302479) is a mobile low shot camera system – a perfect tool for various sporting events. Especially in sports a low camera position is very important to bring the action directly to the audience. So we perfectly designed the Camera Base […]

    New Foxy Pro Pyramids

    PYRAMID Flexibility like never before.   Panther presents the new Foxy Pro pyramids. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 3 patented pyramid sizes. They differ in their height and the number of stowable outriggers.   Every pyramid fits perfectly to the Big Base (see below). It is also possible to mount the pyramid […]

    New variable Starter Track

        EASY Excellent performance and better than ever before.     To move your dolly very easy on the tracks we designed variable starter tracks which are very lightweight and robust. The special feature is the variably adjustable angle of the starter track. A versatile use is assured – even if the track is […]

    Panther Prize 2015

    PANTHER PRIZE 2015 Congratulations to Michael Binz and his team.     Congratulations for the Panther Prize 2015 to Michael Binz and his movie “Herman the German”! The price includes a rental of Panther dolly equipment for his next production.  

    Cinegear Technical Award 2015

    PRECISION LEVELLING TRACK AWARDED.AGAIN. We are very proud, that we were awarded again for our new Precision Levelling Track – now with the CINEGEAR TECHNICAL AWARD 2015 in the category “camera support”.   Many thanks to the jury for this decision and to all our customers and friends. Congratulations also to all winners of other […]

    Wireless control unit: Panther on set

    STAY CONNECTED Due to high demand of the new wireless control unit, we have been to many customers to make the upgrade. The wireless handset is a very useful tool that enables wireless control of your dolly. Limit programming and movement storage are just a few of the great features. Additional adjustable speed control makes […]

    The Next Step. FOXY PRO

      More information: COMING SOON

    The new Multi-Rig

      INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Panther presents the new Multi-Rig. It’s a universal accessory tool. Depending on the configuration you can turn it in up to 3 axis. Spring suspended locking pins prevent accidental rotation – even at high load. The Multi-Rig is compatible to most of our products, due to its bracket with 80 mm diameter. […]

    Panther takes over THOMA TR3

        Dear Business Partner,   we would like to inform that Mr. Thoma (THOMA Film- und Videotechnik GmbH & Co. KG) has decided for reasons of age, to sell the product THOMA Remote Head TR3.   With effect from December 1st 2014 the Panther GmbH bought this know-how and the rights, the entire stock […]

    Panther Prize 2014

    The young people in the film industry have an important role for us and we are committed to support and promote them. Therefore, we now awarded 17 times the Panther Prize for the best production in context of the International Festival of Film Schools at the HFF in Munich.   THE WINNER   Film title: […]

    We present the new Table Dolly

    LIGHTWEIGHT – STABLE – FLEXIBLE   The Table Dolly is one variant of the lovely FlexGripKit which allows great camera moving on smooth surfaces, for example a table. The Base Plate can be individually combined with a bowl (75 – 150 mm), mitchell- or wedge-tilt-plate or directly a fluid head with an integrated M10 thread […]

    The New Twister Dolly

    UPDATE: The New Twister Dolly     It is characterized by the new foldable push bar. The Twister Dolly is also available with wide go-kart wheels now!   more information

    Cinec Award 2014

    Our Precision Levelling Tracks were awarded with the Cinec Award 2014! The Jury was impressed by the three huge advantages that the tracks have:FASTER, EASIER, AND MUCH MORE SAFETY We thank the jury, and of course to all our customers!

    CINEC 2014

    [ujicountdown id=”IT IS TIME…” expire=”2014/09/21 10:00″ hide = “true”] FEEL THE PASSION OF MOVEMENT   We look forward to welcome you to the CINEC 2014 in Munich.   What we show:   Boogie Wheels Vario Jib S U-Bangi-Slider Wireless Handset Buddy Plus Precision Levelling Track Classic Plus Foxy Advanced Multi Glider P1 Dolly Flex Grip […]

    New Boogie Wheels

    SMOOTH, SMOOTHER, BOOGIE WHEELS   The Boogie Wheels (code 300743) with its unique and flexible design, will keep any dolly steady on straight or curved tracks. It gives smooth ride even on old tracks or rough track joints. Just place the dolly into the Boogie wheel trays and you are ready to go. More information […]

    New Accessories brochure

    We have a new accessories brochure for you. You can download it for free! If you want a printed version of the accessories brochure just send us an e-mail with your address and we will send you one exemplar (or also more if you want).   Download here By the way:   In addition to […]

    New Vario Jib S

    We present the new Vario Jib S! The Vario Jib S is a little version of the lovely Panther Vario Jib. Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots. More information about the Vario Jib S you can find here.

    Wireless Handset for Panther Dollies

      Panthers precision and the wireless know-how from Cmotion lead to the development of the new wireless handset. It is an option/addition for the new Panther Classic Plus Dolly. The ergonomic wireless remote system is designed to fit also older Panther Dollies, e.g. Super Panther 3.   More information you can find here.

    New ringplatform

    For more information please click at the symbol.     We updated and improved our ring platform:   ADVANTAGES:   more stability more flexibility height adjustable

    VMI about the FlexGripKit Slider

    Our customer VMI about the FlexGripKit Slider version (video):  

    New Buddy Plus Dolly

      We are proud to introduce our new Buddy Plus Dolly – the successor to the well-known Buddy Dolly. It convinces with its compact dimensions, the extreme stability and variability! The Buddy Plus Dolly is a versatile film and video dolly. In the past, the Buddy Dolly was in use in Hollywood, such as the […]

    New track system

    Panther presents the new track system – the Precision Levelling Track! The aim of developing this product was to design something that works fast and above all very easy. More information about the Precision Levelling Tracks you can find here.

    Panther Prize 2013 Winner: “The Funeral Of Harald Kramer”

    It was time again: For the sixteenth times Panther awarded the Panther prize during the International Festival of Film Schools. Among various short films we presented the award for Best Production of a German film. This year the winner Marc Schlegel comes from Austria. He will receive a Panther dolly equipment for four weeks worth […]

    Internationales Festival der Filmhochschulen

    It’s that time again: For the sixteenth times Panther awards the Panther price during the International Festival of Film Schools. Among various short films we present the award for Best Production of a German film. The winner will receive for the next production a Panther dolly equipment for four weeks worth of 10.000 Euro.


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