Panther sets standards!


The founder of the company and former cinematographer has been on set for many years. His high relation to the requirements of todays operators and users is based on the fact of his wealth of on set experience and his former film equipment rental companies.
Today Mr. Andy Fitz is the owner of the company and also Head of Development. The passion to meet all those requirements with a creative approach is something he was born with.


All ideas and also needs from daily set life will continuously be incorporated into new product developments and improvements. Compatibility of all Panther products has always a significant value.

Due to our traditionally high demand on quality, the majority of all ever built camera dollies by Panther, is nowadays still functional and working. A Panther is not only remarkable, but also worth preserving! High safety and quality requirements are therefore our condition.


Quality is not only the obligation to the highest manufacturing precision and technical documentation, but also the great availability of spare parts beyond many years. This quality standard is achieved through the most precise manufacturing methods, as well as with the technical know how of modern production technologies like Laser-Sintering, and also a comprehensive spare part stock.


Panthers claim is to be market leader. This means: technology-wise and also quantity-wise is Panther at the head of. Through to our long-standing customers and distributors, Panther products are present in more than 100 countries. Panther has become the epitome of column dollies – worldwide. This is proven due to thousands of manufactured dollies and international awards. Panther is a unique company with high approach. Anything we do, is influenced by the values and philosophy of the founding family Fitz. With this basic approach we remain committed to our principles and define new standards.